Most AI systems deliver an answer, their best possible answer, even if it’s a stupid (or dangerous) answer. AI systems must become capable of doubt (I think the answer is A but I am not too sure and it could very well be B) and humility (I have no clue what the answer is) and it must be ready to learn at all times (please show me the right answer and I will know better next time).

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These are just 4 characteristics which, I believe, are desirable for future AI systems…. :
– Fast and constant response time no matter how large the knowledge base is ;
– Ability to handle doubt or ignorance ;
– Ability to learn on the job in real time ;
– Ability to process data locally

Is Your Artificial Brain Smart Enough ?

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. Whether it’s called Machine Learning, Neuromorphic Computing, Deep Learning, Autonomous this or Smart that,